The Tribium Allurium Consortium, or The Consortium Alliance, was created in 2065 at the end of World War III. It's primary goal is the discovery, management and stabilization of Advenan Relics and ultimately, harvesting their power, Allurium. The Consortium has a strong belief in socialism. Everything you do for the Alliance is for the benefit of the entire consortium.

Since Allurium is unstable in any medium except the void space created in Advenan Relics, different scientists and resources have to work together to create solutions to stabilize Allurium without the interference of international law. The Consortium Alliance was built to accommodate this.

Member Nations and HeadquartersEdit

Although the Consortium Alliance is a joint venture between the Northern United States, The European Union, China, Allied Southern Americas, Australia, and the African Union, The Consortium is Headquartered in Dubai, China.

Notable DiscoveriesEdit

The Consortium Alliance has also been responsible for the Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn Expeditions as well as Faster than Light Travel.