An Alliance "Merit"

Merits are awards given for completing specific objectives in and out of game. At the end of each month, the total merits a pilot earns is totaled and a promotion is awarded if the pilot meets the minimum amount for the next rank. 

Ways to earn MeritsEdit

Award Amount Description
Mimic Kill 1 Merit Awarded for each Mimic Kill. There is no limit on the amount of kills attained.
Alliance Mission Complete 4 Merits Awarded upon the completion of any Alliance Mission.
Destroying an Entity 4 Merits Awarded for being in the same sector while an Entity is exploding.
Claiming a Sector 8 Merits Awarded for Claiming a Sector.
Exploring a Sector 4 Merits Awarded for finding all points of interest in a Sector.
Submitting a Bug Report 10 Merits Awarded for submitting a confirmed bug that has not been reported before.
Donating 1-4 Merits Awarded for donating towards Epic Space Online's development/maintenance costs.
Recruiting 4 Merits Awarded for recruiting a Pilot into Epic Space Online.

Sending a Postcard to
The Alpha Company

4 Merits Awarded for Sending a Postcard to The Alpha Company Dev Team.
Submitting content to the game 1-4 Merits See link for more info.
Every 20 Wikia Edits 4 Merits Every 20 edits to the official ESO Wiki.
Submitting Relics to the Alliance 4 Merits Awarded for submitting Advenan Relics to the Alliance.
Community Tasks 1-4 Merits Awarded for various other tasks assigned by the Community Manager.