There are several categories of Sub-assemblies for Hulls, Engines, Bridges and Stations.  They use Components and ultimately will be used to build the final Ship and Station Main Assemblies .

Repair KitsEdit

Repairs Kits are used to fix Hull Damage that your Ship or Station may have taken due to an attack.

Repair Kit Small:   1 Aluminum Alloy + 1 Short Panel   Fixes 25 Hull Damage

Repair Kit LArge:   2 Aluminum Alloy + 2 Medium Panel   Fixes 100 Hull Damage

Repair Kit Extra Large:   10 Aluminum Alloy + 10 Long Panel   Fixes 1000 Hull Damage

Hull Sub-assembliesEdit

All ships have some cargo storage.  Some only have enough space for some spare fuel and ammo, others can carry Station assemblies for deployment.  Ships and Stations all require basic armor defense against a weapons attack or even collisions with other objects in space.

Cargo Bay: 5m3:   4 Short Panels + 2 Medium Panels

Cargo Bay: 50m3:  2 Short Panels + 8 Medium Panels

 Cargo Bay: 500m3:  6 Short Panels + 8 Long Panels

 Cargo Bay: 2000m3:  10 Medium Panels + 10 Long Panels

Composite Armor:  6 Armor Plating + 2 Power Conduits   Composite Armor is tough plating that absorbs the impact.

Reactive Armor:   6 Armor Plating + 6 Hydraulics   Reactive Armor softens the impact with an inverse thruster burst at the exact instant of impact.

Charged Armor:   6 Armor Plating + 6 Plasma Coil   Charged Armor repels the impact with a high magnetic electrical charge on the hull.

Engine Sub-assembliesEdit

The turbo combustor is the main turbine engine that creates thrust and is rated in cubic meter displacement (CMD).  Since there is a lack of oxygen is space, the fuel tank must pump a mixture of fuel and oxygen into the engines to create thrust.  Ships may often require multiple engines and fuel tanks.

Turbo Combustor: 128 CMD:   2 Armor Plating + 2 Plasma Coils

Turbo Combustor: 256 CMD:   4 Armor Plating + 6 Plasma Coils

Fuel Tank: 1000 ton:  6 Medium Panels + 4 Purified Oxygen   

Fuel Tank: 2500 ton:  6 Long Panels + 10 Purified Oxygen

Cockpit/ Bridge Sub-assembliesEdit

A communications system is required within the ship to coordinate the crew, and is also required for both for long range ship to ship communications and for basic navigation.  Flight controllers are used for ship maneuvers and for weapons targeting.  The various Avionics Systems focus on the specific needs of a scout, a cargo ship, or a military vessel.

Life Support: Small:    2 Purification Filters + 2 Purified Oxygen   Can support a ship crew of up to 12.

Life Support: Deluxe:    4 Purification Filters + 6 Purified Oxygen   Larger ships required a Deluxe system to support bigger crews.

Avionics System: Series A:    2 Communications System + 2 Flight Controllers

Avionics System: Series B:   4 Communications System + 6 Flight Controllers

Avionics System: Series C:   6 Communications System + 10 Flight Controllers

Station Sub-assemblies:Edit

Space stations have special needs for the power plant, hanger bays, ammunition refining, and the special equipment for ship and parts manufacturing.  Stations will also use the Life Support, Avionics Systems, Fuel Tanks, Armor and Cargo Bays described above.

Power Generator:    3 Power Conduits + 1 Plasma Coil  Used for Power Plants

Fusion Reactor:   2 Power Conduits + 4 Plasma Coil   Used for Power Plant Stations

Refinery:   6 Hydraulics + 4 Purification Filters   Used for Ammo Factory Stations

Antenna Dish Array:   6 Fiber Optic Cables + 4 Reflectors  Used for Station Communications

Ore Extractor:   6 Hydraulics + 4 Drilling Rigs  Used for ore Harvesters

Light Equipment:    2 Power Conduits + 2 Fiber Optic Cables  Used for Parts Stations

Heavy Equipment:   4 Power Conduits + 6 Hydraulics  Used for Shipyard Stations and Hanger Bays

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