Components are required to build the various ship and station Sub-assemblies .  They are constructed from Parts .

Construction Panels:Edit

Short Panels:  3 Aluminum Alloy + 2 Sheet Metal    Used to build cargo bays.

Medium Panels:   6 Aluminum Alloys + 4 Sheet Metal   Used to build cargo bays and fuel tanks. 

Long Panels:    10 Aluminum Alloy + 6 Sheet Metal   Used to build cargo bays and fuel tanks.

Armor Plating:   7 Ceramics + 5 Strong Metal Plates   Basic ship and station defense.

Power and Electronic Components:Edit

Power Cells:   1 Monocrystal  + 1 Tritanium Alloys   A basic power source enclosed in a conductive casing used to power Stations and the Mining Harvester.

Power Conduit:   5 Strong Metal Pipes + 5 Tritanium Alloys   Power generators, fusion reactors and both light and heavy equipment require power.

Plasma Coils:  3 Plutonium + 5 Cordite Alloys   A power source for generators, reactors and engines.

Fiber Optic Cables:  5 Plastics + 5 Fused Silica   High speed communications cables for Antenna Dish Array and basic Light Equipment.

Communications System:    5 Electronics Parts + 5 Plastics  An avionics system requires communications to navigate.

Flight Controller:    7 Electronics + 5 Fused Silica  The flight controller interfaces with the ship engines and thrusters to control movement.

Other ship Components

Hydraulics:  5 Strong Metal Pipes + 7 Water  A basic requirement for light and heavy equipment, which in turn control hanger bay doors and other shipyard functions.   

Purification Filters:   5 Acrylics + 3 Plutonium   A Filter is important for various life support functions, as well for refining ores.

Purified Oxygen:     5 Oxygen Tanks + 5 Water   Used for both life support and engine combustion. 

Reflector:     5 Strong Metal Pipes + 5 Sheet Metal   An Antenna Dish Array component required for the Station Communications Array

Drilling Rig:     5 Strong Metal Plate + 5 Acrylics   A component for the Ore Exctractors used in mining Harvesters. 

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