Parts are constructed using Basic Resources and are used to produce Components .  They also include the basic consumables for ships and stations. 

Basic Consumables:

Fuel:  10 Aluminum + 10 Ice Ore   Ships all consume fuel and may have different fuel consumption rates depending on the ship size.

7.62mm Ammo:   10 Cordite + 10 Tritanium    Basic ion weapons projectiles required to attack, (or defend).

Parts need to for construction of Level 2 components:

Monocrystal: 10 Crystals + 10 Carbon  The energy source used in power cells.

Ceramics:  10 Aluminum + 5 Carbon   Necessary to construct armor plating. 

Plastics:   10 Cordite + 5 Petroleum  Necessary for various ship systems.

Electronics:   10 Tritanium + 5 Oxygen   Needed for communications, flight controller, & weapons control.

Fused Silica:   5 Crystals + 5 Oxygen   Silicon dioxide based material used for fiber optics and flight control displays.

Strong Metal Plates:   5 Aluminum + 5 Crystal   Basic construction plates. 

Strong Metal Pipes:   5 Tritanium+ 5 Petroleum   Basic construction pipes. 

Sheet Metal:   5 Cordite Ore + 5 Carbon   Basic material for construction panels. 

Acrylics:   5 Ice Ore + 5 Petroleum   Durable construction material for drilling rigs and hydraulics. 

Oxygen Tank:   10 Oxygen + 5 Scrap Metal   Used for life support and is mixed with fuel in the engine.  

Refined ores:

Aluminum Alloys:   10 Aluminum + 2 Scrap Metal   Refined aluminum ore.   

Cordite Alloys:  10 Cordite + 2 Scrap Metal   Refined cordite ore.

Tritanium  Alloys:   10 Tritanium + 2 Scrap Metal   Refined tritanium ore.  

Water:   10 Ice + 2 Scrap Metal  Purified water.

Plutonium:   5 Radioactive Material + 5 Scrap Metal   Refined Radioactive Material.

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