Close Up of a Harvester MKI

There are four variants of Harvester, MKI - MKIV. 

How to set up a harvesterEdit

- Put the harvester in your cargo ship and take it to your desired location. This should be near a belt or space scrap etc.

- When you are at your desired location jettison the harvester but make sure its not too far away from what you want to mine.

- Right click the harvester to get the deploy button, you may have to move closer to it.

- Once deployed go get in a ship that has scan capabilities (also you will need a power cell), when you have returned scan the harvester and the belt or object you want to mine's ID.

- Click the harvester and put transfer a powercell or two.

- Now you need the system chat window open for the telnet commands.

- Firstly use the /telnet status <harvester id> to make sure you can talk to it. You should get a reply similar to this : ID: ## | Type: 0 | Power: 0 | Target: 0| Active: 0

- Now type /telnet power <harvester id> - this turns on the power. a response will be given : ID: ## Power on Successful.

- Now we need to set a target, to do this type in /telnet target <belt/object id> <harvester id> - You should get some responses saying the id and target have been found and that the range are within parameters.

- Now that the power is on, target is set it is time to activate! Type /telnet activate <harvester id> and it should start working away. Use /telnet status <harvester id> to get it's current power, active state and target to make sure its working away.

harvester efficiency ratios: mining speed & power consumption

mk1 20
mk2 50
mk3 100
mk4 200 = 10x