General InfoEdit

The Cradle is sector 0x0 and all the sectors owned by the Alliance Navy edging up to 0x0, altho most people refer to only 0x0 when they talk about the Cradle.

You start here with your first ship.

Weapons are disabled in Navy space.

Stations in the CradleEdit

Trading Port AlphaEdit

Can be found at 2000,500. Allows bidding and offering of various items.

Fuel Station AlphaEdit

Located at 3000,1600. This Station sells Fuel ($50) and buys Aluminium Ore ($25) and Ice Ore ($25).

Ed's Station PartsEdit

Located at 1250,2600. Buys Burnt Scrap Metal ($1) and Tritanium Ore ($10). Sells all known Station Parts at $1,000,000,000 each.

Alpha Co ShipyardsEdit

The Shipyards can be found to the right of the Nebula at 7800,3150.

Here you can sell your Burnt Scrap Metal ($1) and Tritanium Ore ($10).

The Shipyards sells almost all of the current ships:


Artemis($1 Million) 


Falcon($5 Million)

Mining ship($5 Million)

Vulture($10 Million)

It also sells station repair kits:

Repair Kit Small($100)

Repair Kit Extra Large ($1 Million)

Ammo Station AlphaEdit

Due to Weapons Restrictions the Ammo Station is not located in the Cradle. You can find it in Sector -1x0 at Position 4000,3200. This Station buys Cordite ($10) and Tritanium ($100) and sells 120mm Ammo ($200).

Solar Power Plant AlphaEdit

Near the closest Super Giant (0x-1.2000,2000) solar energy is collected and transfered into Power Cells (sells for $100 each). This Station buys Aluminum ($10) and Tritanium Ore ($10). To construct new Power Cells large amounts of Aluminium and Tritanium Ore are required.