Crafting SystemEdit

Crafting the process of combining two Basic Resources to equal one new loot item. 

Accessing the Crafting System

Go to the Airlock in your Station, head to the light blue (cyan) area, and click on the bar.  The Crafting interface will appear.  Click on the item you want to craft, and begin crafting.  Note that only certain items can be crafted based on your Rank, and each Rank increase will add more.  See the Promotions page for a complete list.

Easy items require 1 minute, Normal items require 1 hour, Diffucult items require 2 days, and Very Difficult items will require 45 days to craft.  A bonus to the crafting time is given for each Level you have earned. 

List of craftable items (Currently updating - Feel free to assist)

Item Recipe
7.62mm Ammo Cordite Ore + Tritanium Ore
Acrylics Ice Ore + Petroleum
Aluminum Alloys Aluminum Ore + Burnt Scrap Metal
Ammo Factory Assembly Refinery + Charged Armor
Antenna Dish Array Fiber Optic Cables + Reflector
Apollo (Dismantled) Cockpit (Apache) + Engineering Section (Apollo)
Armor Plating Ceramics + Strong Metal Plates
Artemis (Dismantled) Cockpit (Apache) + Engineering Section (Artemis)
Avionics Systems: Series A UNKNOWN + Flight Controller
Avionics Systems: Series B UNKNOWN + Flight Controller
Avionics Systems: Series C UNKNOWN + Flight Controller

There are several levels of construction, each building new items from the previous level:

Level 1: Parts are produced from the basic resources found in the game.

Level 2:  Components are produced using the Level 1 parts.

Level 3:  Sub-assemblies are constructed from the Level 2 components.

Level 4:  Main Assemblies are manufactured using the Level 3 sub-assemblies.

Ships & Stations:   They are assembled with the various Level 4 main assemblies.

Each item crafted is composed of two items, with various quantities of each.  As an example, Fuel can be crafted by combining 10 Aluminum Ore and 10 Ice Ore.  The crafting operation itself may require some level of skill as measured in your HTR score.  With a higher skill level, you can reduce the number of ingedients required. 

A final ship assembly is more complex, and is built by combing a main Engineering Section and a Bridge or Cockpit, depending on the ship size.  The Engineering Section includes the ship Engines and the main Hull.  The Bridge, Engine and Hull are built using various Level 4 Main Assemblies.

There are various other parts, components and sub-assemblies all build on each other, to construct various items in the game.  These can each be bought or traded at the Auction House.

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