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    Jump Drives make an entrance in The Epic Space Game. Currently only Vultures have Jump Drive capability. But it's easy to pick one up at the Shipyard in Sector 0x0. Powercells have been modified so pilots can carry more. Just remember that one power cell can take you up to 6 sectors.

    • Jump Drives have been added.
    • Mimics, Singularities, Object Distance, and Object Health appear on Scanner.
    • Scan for specific types of Objects on Scanner.
    • Easier to see the Missions Interface on low res screens.
    • Launchpad can now be minimized.
    • Mission Interface now remains in position when changing sectors.
    • Powercells now take 5m3 of space instead of 10m3

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    For testing purposes, you must have enough powe…

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    This is a major update adding the new Mission System, Auction House and an updated Plugin for Windows users. All pilots must redownload the ESG Plugin to access.

    • New ESG Plugin has been Released as the ESG Launchpad.
    • Mimics no longer shoot themselves.
    • Autopilot is a little less verbose.
    • Pilots can now Sort Auctions at the Auction House.
    • Grappler animations have been smoothed out.
    • In game mail - "Plus sign" removed for spaces for received messages.
    • ESG Mission System has been implemented.
    • Pilots can see a list of their created Auctions.
    • Pilots can now Search Auctions.

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    With this next installment of the ESG Plugin, we're back on track to developing more awesome things we can blow up i…

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    Update 3.3 Changelog

    February 25, 2013 by -TAC^Taurian-

    Various bug fixes and improvements to the game. This release is scheduled for no later than Monday, February 25th 2013.

    • Commas have been added to the Station Marketplace.
    • Collision Polygons on Combat Rifle Bullets and the Companion Crate have been improved.
    • Combat Rifle Bullets now have more kinetic power.
    • All Apollo Parts have been integrated. See here for full listing:
    • Ship Hud Fonts now appear correctly.
    • Ship Hud Icons now work correctly (Opacity/Clear Chat Window).
    • Pilots can now reply to private messages received in game.
    • Pilots can now transfer credits to other players.
    • Namecheck now supports underscores when sending a private message or transferring credits.
    • ESG Lite, now saves your current session t…
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    Ok so a lot to get into. For starters, Version 3.0 will be the final demo release. That means it will remain on the website perpetually so players who are not apart of the closed beta can try out the game before considering to pitch in towards our hardware goal. It'll be a copy of the primary universe, minus the ability to permanently destroy Stations, Planets etc...

    Ok so that's about 3.0, what about version 3.1?

    Version 3.1 introduces a downloadable plugin that will solve two things:

    • Improve PVP Combat substantially by transmitting data over a UDP port. (Port: 7788)
    • Allow NPC data to be received blazingly fast.

    • For the time being the plugin is only available for the Windows OS (A Mac version is priority)
    • Version 3.1 will be limited to Closed…

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    Posted: 11/02/2012 by Taurian

    Lots of improvements directed at improving in game PVP and a few changes in support of version 3.0, set for Wednesday November 7th. -- See below:

    Version 2.9 Changelog

    Bug Fixes

    • An issue allowing pilots to keep attachments that never existed has been fixed.
    • Marketplace scrollbar has been fixed.
    • The correct pilots are now displayed in the correct station roster.
    • A bug not allowing players to see any docked pilots has been fixed.


    • Ship synchronization has been increased. Making PVP combat a little more smooth.
    • Stations now longer receive/broadcast MILES transmissions.
    • Attachments can only be picked up at the station it was sent from.
    • Optimized serverside code in preparation for the transition from TCP Port 8090 to UDP…

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  • -TAC^Taurian-

    I've been doing some heavy thinking on the topic of NPC pirates in game. But I could use some serious input from the community.

    • What's the story behind them?
    • Besides numbers, what makes them a scary sight?
    • What type of tactics will they employ?
    • What other types of special features will they have?

    Share your thoughts on in game NPCs in the comments.

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  • -TAC^Taurian-

    Release 2.8 brings about the new M.I.L.E.S. training system. This system allows players to engage in pvp without the added risk of losing ones ship and will assist with our ongoing combat against lag. The M.I.L.E.S. system sends out a bolt of light, and upon impact of another ship, the pilots involved are notified.

    • An issue not allowing players to deploy stations has been fixed.
    • Deploy Station Button Formatting has been removed temporarily for debugging purposes.
    • The M.I.L.E.S. System has been enabled.
    • Missiles have been enabled.
    • The server side architecture for station upgrades have been implemented.
    • Player side Ping functionality has been put in place. But has not been activated. (Wednesday Release)

    Login and Download the latest version. ( Vers…

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  • -TAC^Taurian-

    Release 2.7 is primarily about bug fixes and bringing a sense of stability to the game universe before implementing newer features this week.

    • Uncharted Zones now have a 1 in 4 chance of having resources instead of a 1 in 5.
    • The new Fuel Economy System has been put into effect.
    • The Cargo Ship now has a capacity of 1,100 m3
    • Various other bugs fixed.
    • Pilots can no longer undock when the Session Timer is Active
    • A bug not allowing players to jettison more than one item has been fixed.
    • A bug wiping out a ship's cargo bay when not empty has been fixed.
    • A bug allowing pilots to deploy a station part and keeping said part has been fixed.
    • The Collision Alarm System is now in effect.
    • The Autopilot System is now in effect.

    Problems or Bugs >> Post here (For $100 …

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  • -TAC^Taurian-

    Version 2.7 is set to be released in the next 24 hours. Please submit what bugs you can to the forums here:



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