The Artemis is a very fast fighter with quick turning, that can also scan for enemy ships. It can be purchased for $1M credits at the Alpha Co. Shipyard. It's sprite is from the 1995 Epic Megagames title Tyrian for DOS made available by Daniel Cook as a free sprite pack. Graphics that are also used in Arcen Game's AI War. The sprite pack has also been made available for download from The Alpha Company. All of its stats are as follows:

Scanner: Yes

Guns: Yes

Missiles: No

Fuel Economy: 0.5

Max Speed: 120

Turn Speed: 0.60

Max Cargo: 5

E.L.S.: No

Jump Drives: No

For a full comparison of all the ships, refer to the Ship Statistics page.

Artemis ConstructionEdit

An Artemis can be crafted with an Engineering Section-Artemis and a Cockpit (Apache). The Engineering Section includes a Hull Series 100 and 2 Engines RS-35.